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We understand that everyone's circumstances are unique, and we are proud to work with sellers who are in all different kinds of situations. From wanting to avoid foreclosure, to inheriting property you can’t maintain, or even just wanting to expedite the selling process and avoid waiting for months for the right buyer to come along, we can help. Picket Fences Property Group is committed to selling your home. No matter how complicated your situation is, we have a plan for you.

Whatever your situation, we can help!


Avoid foreclosure, recover equity, and move on with your life by selling your house quickly for cash.



If you need to move quickly, you may not have enough time to sell your house the traditional way.

Inherited a Property

If you're not able to afford to maintain a house you've inherited or were gifted, let us help.



Selling your home quickly for cash can help you avoid costly repairs and expensive renovations.

Selling With Picket Fences Property Group, LLC

  • Commission/Fees: NONE

  • Inspection & Financing Contingency: NONE

  • Appraisal Needed: NO

  • Average Days Until Sold: IMMEDIATE CASH OFFER

  • Closing Date: YOUR CHOICE

  • Repairs: NONE, We pay for all repairs

  • Commission/Fees: 6% on average

  • Inspection & Financing Contingency: YES

  • Appraisal Needed: YES

  • Average Days Until Sold: +/- 91 Days

  • Closing Date: 30-60 Days After Accepting Offer

  • Repairs: Negotiated during inspection


 Listing With A Local Real Estate Agent

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